Set in the town of Uxbridge, MA, Firefly Gallery is adding its own quirky flair to the wonderful antique and gift shops nearby. With views of the river and ample parking in front or in the lot across the street, visitors will enjoy the beauty outside as much as in. The art, photography, jewelry, home goods, and gifts are always changing. Plus, we do a different inexpensive craft for young people every week. 

We will be adding events and classes soon. So, keep an eye on our events page.

Firefly Gallery was opened to do three things. One was to create a place where artists could succeed. We keep their costs low so that they can get properly paid for their talent and work. Reason two was to give back to the community and support organizations that work for better mental and emotional health and wellbeing. So a portion of every sale goes to charity. Reason three was to provide a space where every individual who walks through the doors will feel welcomed, cared about, and included. 

Art is the expression of a moment of identity. It speaks the language of creativity, intelligence, insight, and knowing. It carries with it a piece of the artist while offering the beholder a chance to know more of themselves. Art exposes the wrongs and the beauties of ourselves and our world. Whether quaint or transcendent, art carries our past, present, and future in a common bond of soul.

Come experience both the simple and the profound at Firefly Gallery. There is truly something for everyone.